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Doing Research requires method, discipline and … a bit of luck (or serendipity if you prefer).

When you are doing Research, you get organized. You articulate your topic, you identify potentially useful sources of information, you write down all the questions you would like to answer, you consider the scope, and then (and then only) you are ready to start searching. 

In the first phase of your Research ‘searching’ actually means ‘exploring’. You are not (yet) looking for answers. You are looking for information that can help you to come up with an original answer. ‘Exploring’ requires a certain amount of finding your way … and getting lost. ‘Exploring’ means finding unexpected information. And that is where Alexandria.Works comes in.

Comparative tests have shown that Alexandria.Works is very good at returning unexpected search results. Search results the expert didn’t anticipate, but that are nevertheless very relevant. Call it Serendipity if you want. These ‘accidental’ findings are invaluable for every researcher. Because you cannot ‘discover’ what is already known. Because Research must lead to new understandings and new results.

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