Request a demo of Alexandria.Works

Seeing is believing

We know that what we claim seems too good to be true. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to request a demo. During the demo we will show you how different Alexandria.Works is from other Search Engines: how we use natural language queries, and how the engine returns relevant results that don’t contain the words we used in the query. Optionally we can use a limited set of your documents for the demo, or explain how we can set-up a proof-of-concept with your documents.

Seeing is believing. Don’t hesitate. Schedule your demo now!

It’s simple. This is how we do it:

1 – Intake: we have a call during which you explain to us your case, and where we are explain the way in which the demo will be organized.

2 – (Optional) Test set: you send us a ZIP file with the documents you would like us to use during the test.

3 – (Optional) Indexing: we process your documents and mail you a link to the Alexandria.Works query page with your documents.

4 – Demo

5 – Evaluation: we have a closing call where you give feedback and where we discuss next steps.

Cost: demos are free of charge.

Select a date and time in the calendar to schedule your Demo Intake Call and get started.