Pilot Project

Get to know Alexandria.Works with a Pilot Project.

A Pilot Project is a short try-out of Alexandria.Works, based on a limited set of your documents and executed by a limited number of testers.

A Pilot Project comprises the following:

  • Intake: a call explaining to us your case, and we are explaining the way in which the test will be organized
  • Test set: You give us access to the documents you would like to use in the pilot
  • Indexing: we process your documents and mail you a link to the query page
  • On-boarding: a call where we demonstrate how to use Alexandria.Works with your data
  • Test: running the test questions that you collected upfront
  • Evaluation: a conference call where you give feedback and discuss the following steps

Cost: After the initial intake, we provide you with an estimate for the Pilot Project (typically between €5.000,- and €15.000,-).

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