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Maintaining production sites, machines and tools is a long-running job. Maintenance assets have a long life-time and keeping track of all the maintenance jobs on a specific piece of equipment is vital for the quality delivered by your maintenance organization. In the past your maintenance engineers have built up a valuable history of maintenance information. Maybe you have a Maintenance Management system in place. Or maybe you just have a set of job reports in shared folders. At some point in time you will run into the challenge of making that maintenance history available to junior maintenance engineers. All maintenance organizations are currently suffering from senior engineers retiring from the organization. How can you make sure that their experience remains accessible after they have left the company?

With Alexandria.Works you are able to:

  • Keep on using the experience of senior engineers, even after they left the organization
  • Make all relevant documentation easily accessible to prepare future maintenance jobs
  • Make junior maintenance engineers more productive
  • Improve the quality of your work order preparation.

Alexandria.Works helps you to make fully use of the your maintenance history. We give you access to maintenance reports, technical documentation, manuals, etc. We make it easy to find valuable information each time you are preparing and planning a new maintenance job. With Alexandria.Works you can query your maintenance documents in natural language and get relevant answers faster.

Don’t lose valuable maintenance knowledge. Get Alexandria.Works to open up the collective memory of your senior maintenance engineers. Request a demo or a schedule a test with your own maintenance data.

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