Protect your biggest asset by improving your Maintenance Management Memory

Nothing is as frustrating as searching for a maintenance report and not finding it. Especially in a Work Order Planning context. Knowing that the maintenance information you are looking for is there but not knowing where exactly: it makes your haur curl, doesn’t it? However, with the right tool you can always find what you are looking for, you can improve your maintenance knowledge management and lower your costs.

Knowledge and experience are the main assets of every maintenance organization. And these assets reside mainly in the heads of your engineers (‘peope are our biggest asset’, right?), and in your maintenance reports, technical documentation, emails, etc. So once the maintenance engineer has left the organization, all you have left are the work order reports and other types of documents from the past.

Avoid losing that knowledge when an employee leaves your team or your organization Capture that maintenance knowledge whenever possible, and harvest the knowledge that is already there.

Maintenance Management Memory

Maintenance Management Memory

When the past determines the future

Your maintenance reports are probably all over the place. Most of your assets have a very long lifetime. And so do your maintenance systems. Years ago, your maintenance organisation used Word or Excel to capture textual information about work orders. Later you might have implemented a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to record details about the maintenance jobs. In such a CMMS focuses mainly on the financial side of maintenance, but textual information may also be included. And then, you might have acquired another production site using yet another way to capture and manage work orders.
As a result your collective maintenance memory is scattered all over the place.

Knowledge Management systems all start with structuring the information you want to record. But these approaches are of no use when your information was created years ago. It is virtually impossible to structure everything that was ever written in the past.

Choose better access to your Maintenance Knowledge

What you need is a Search Engine that gives you access to your full maintenance history, regardless of where the work order reports were stored. A Search Engine with which you can regain access to older maintenance information. A tool that makes it easy to query that long history of jobs and that gives you access to that part of your maintenance memory you thought you had lost.

When you submit your maintenance reports to Alexandria.Works, it will index them automatically and make them accessible to you. This will allow you to query the reports in natural language and find the relevant maintenance information quickly. All your maintenance knowledge is in the processes and documents. We provide better access. We give back your collective maintenance memory.

Here are you benefits

This is what Work Order Planners en Preparators experience when using Alexandria.Works in their daily job:

  • Higher productivity because less time is spent on searching without finding
  • Higher quality of their preparations because they now have access to all relevant information to be well prepared
  • Less frustration and higher job satisfaction
  • Senior engineers get more time because junior engineers can find the information they need without disturbing the senior engineers

Get in touch and learn how Engie EMS is realizing these benefits.

Seeing is believing

Our promise might seem unbelievable. Querying your work order history in natural language? Regaining access to long forgotten maintenance reports? Without upfront investments in information structuring? Read more about our unique search mechanism.
Or get in touch with us and we will prove it to you. Don’t hesitate. Book a demo or a test now.

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Schedule a custom demo. We will show you a customized version of the application, fitted to your specific needs, at your convenience.

Or, download our White Paper.

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