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Maybe you are thinking of hiring a Professional Support Lawyer (PSL) or maybe they are already part of your team. In both cases hiring a Digital PSL like Alexandria.Works shortens the time you spend on searching, increases the quality of your search results, lowers your costs and gives you more time to spend with your clients. 

All the work done in your Law Firm or Legal Department is heavily based on documents. Documents that must be read to find information, and documents that must be written to service the customer. In many of your services, finding the right information and reading the documents can be very tedious. That is why you prefer to talk to your PSL to do that part of your work for you. But even your PSL can use some aid.

You are facing the challenge of building and maintaining knowledge bases in each of your departments. Collections of all sorts of information that help you to stay on top of the fast-moving legislation, increasing, relevant cases, history of relevant judgments, etc. But the tedious job of tagging and classifying all that information is holding you back.

Finally a search engine that understand me.” said Bavo Van den Heuvel of Cranium enthusiatically when he first used Amexandria.Works.

With Alexandria.Works you don’t have to tag or classify the information to make it searchable! Just add the piece of information to a collection, and Alexandria.Works will do the rest.

This is the biggest advantage for you: the benefits of intelligent search without the burden of tagging and classifying.

Alexandria.Works helps you in all the activities and services in which finding accurate information without spending an excessive amount of time on it, Alexandria.Works understands your documents and helps you finding relevant information without having to actually read all the documents. You can use Alexandria.Works as your Digital Professional Support Assistant who does the reading for you and prepares the right answers for your Clients.

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