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Managing the Knowledge in your organization is not an easy task. Despite all the wonderful Knowledge Management Methodologies on the market, it is not easy to make your colleagues and employees behave in the desired way. You have probably also experienced that each time Knowledge Management leads to additional tasks for users, it fails. Users don’t want to be bothered with additional efforts that seem not useful to them. 

At Alexandria.Works we take a different approach. We assume that the Knowledge is already there. No need to prepare something. No need to add structure to whatever is there. Start using what is there immediately. That is what we call ‘ease of deployment’.

Alexandria.Works understands all of your content. Users can start querying the organization’s knowledge base immediately. In human language. Alexandria.Works will give them the answers. And these answers are better than in other search engines. Comparative tests have confirmed that.

And last but not least: our Augmented Intelligence features give you better insigths in your content and in your search results: filtering on relevance score, zooming in on selected topics, meta data filtering, and more.

Imagine how much time, effort and money you can save when you don’t need all that upfront work to set up your Knowledge Management. Imagine how much frustration you can avoid when users don’t have to do anything to make the company’s knowledge accessible.

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