Higher Quality Maintenance at Engie EMS

Engie EMS is building and using a specialized Maintenance and Operations know-how. They collected more than 50 years of tailor made asset management solutions and maintenance expertise to improve the profitability of energy plants across Europe.

The organization has been responsible for maintaining a lot of equipment in a many locations over a long period of time. Some of the production sites are more than 30 years old. Over these years a lot of experience was gathered in preparing, planning and executing maintenance jobs on that equipment. But due to technological evolution, implementions of new software and the use of different tools, the maintenance reports of all these maintenance jobs are now scattered across the organization’s IT landscape (SAP, SharePoint, Shared Drives, mail). On top of that the information is stored in different languages in IT systems in different countries.

Good preparation is half the work

As a consequence maintenance engineers were losing more and more time on finding specific information like the historical background of a piece of equipment, technical documentation, e-mails, or even just administrative documents like contracts, etc. But time efficiency was not the only challenge.

When maintenance engineers don’t have access to the complete history of an equipment, he/she may be missing important input to prepare the next maintenance job correctly.

The organization’s Innovation Team therefore decided to look for a digital solution that could find quickly all relevant information in multiple databases and multiple types of historic content. The objective of the exercise being to decrease the amount of time maintenance engineers spent on searching information and to increase the quality of maintenance preparation by making sure that all relevant information is available.

In the search for a better search solution, the organization got in touch with Alexandria.Works and decided to start a pilot project with us.

A subset of data was selected and made available to Alexandria.Works. This data set consisted of e-mails, maintenance reports and technical documentation of their equipment. Alexandria.Works indexed the data set and made it accessible to the maintenance maintenance engineers to start using it in their daily work. The whole preparation took only a couple of days.

The benefits of having 1 place to search in different content sources was considerable:

  • The maintenance engineers spent less time ito find information
  • The engineers found more relevant answers quickly.
  • Even junior engineers became productive more rapidly

If you are interested in knowing more about the way Engie EMS handled this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.