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Customer Service is all about helping customers as quickly and as good as possible. Each time your 1st-line support people can answer the customer’s question without having to contact 2nd line support, your customer will be happier, and you will have saved money.

Imagine that you could give your customers direct access to your Knowledge Base. Imagine how much costs you would be able to save.

However, there are a number of challenges to achieve this. The documents in which the customer’s answer can be found, aka ‘the Knowledge Base’, are often written by the domain experts. Domain experts have a different understanding of the knowledge domain and use a different language than non-experts. So one of the challenges is to make expert documents accessible to non-experts.

And that is exactly what Alexandria.Works does for you. With Alexandria.Works non-experts can query the Knowledge Base in their own language and still find the information they are looking for. That is made possible by Alexandria.Works because the search engine understands synonyms and therefore is able to find the right documents, even if the query contains different wordings.

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