Customer Cases


A City Administration – customer case: better service to customers
A Professional Services Organization: customer case: better first call resolution
An Energy Producing Company – Customer Case: higher quality of maintenance
A Government Agency – Customer Case: building a member community
Another Government Agency – Customer Case: improving knowledge insights

A City Administration

Customer Case: Better service to citizens

Town Hall Ghent

Town Hall Ghent

Citizens are calling the city’s services daily to ask questions about regulations and guidelines in the city. These questions are answered on the phone by municipal officers. This ‘helpdesk’ is taking up a considerable amount of their time.

In the continuous effort to spend the citizens’ money as wisely as possible, the city wanted to investigate if at least part of the citizens’ questions could be answered automatically, e.g. by using a chatbot. Every question that could be answered automatically, would lower the operational cost of the city.

Most of the answers to the questions are available in the city’s communal decrees that are stored in the meeting minutes of the city council. So the challenge was: is it possible to find answers to the citizens’ questions automatically in the decrees?

The city got in touch with Alexandria.Works for a low-cost test project. One of the elements that made it possible organize a low-cost test, is the fact that Alexandria.Works requires virtually no upfront time investment, neither at the customer’s site nor by Alexandria.Works. Alexandria.Works only needs some computer power to process the documents that are made available by the customer.

The data set of the test project was composed of the city council decrees of the last 7 years (in total some 30.000 pages).

The city’s project team members compiled list of 90 questions that are typically asked by the citizens when they call the city’s services. The questions were expressed in natural language, not as a list of search terms (e.g. “Can I park my camper in town?”).  The test users ran the test questions on Alexandria.Works. Each time the right answer to the user’s question could be found in the first 6 search results, the solution scored 1 point.

The result was that Alexandria.Works gave the right answer in 94% of the questions, outperforming the existing system by 12%.

A professional services organization

Customer Case: Better First Call Resolution

Customer ServiceA professional services organization collects a lot of data and unstructured information that is of great value to their customers. Today the information is often mainly provided to the customers via the Consultants and Customer Service Agents. They receive the questions from the customers and look for the rights answers via multiple inhouse channels (Knowledge Base, Intranet, Portal, Email archives, etc.).

Many professional services organizations are looking for ways to improve their Customer Services while at the same time increasing the efficiency of their Consultants and Experts.

Typical formal goals are:

  • Improve customer experience and at the same time
  • Increase internal efficiency
  • Provide more accurate search results
  • Have 1 single source of truth
  • Avoid time spent for tagging content
  • Support clients & employees in finding faster and more efficiently the right content
  • Provide better results directly to the end-customer to free up more time and increase efficiency of the Payroll Consultants
  • Attract new (paying) prospects by providing them an effective Search tool that answers their questions

This Professional Services organization got in touch with Alexandria.Works to set up a validation project to compare the performance of Alexandria.Works with their inhouse built search function (based on Elastic Search). The test corpus consists of all information in the Knowledge Management system.

The validation was successful. By running the set of test questions on Alexandria.Works, the services organization experienced that a considerable amount of time could be saved and that Customers were happier, because they got their answers more quickly. With Alexandria.Works the number of relevant answers increased 140%. Intelligent Search provides relevant answers in 68% of the cases.

An Energy Producing Company

Customer Case: higher quality of maintenance

Energy productionThis maintenance organization is building and using a specialized Maintenance and Operations know-how. They acquired more than 50 years of tailor made asset management solutions and maintenance expertise to improve the profitability of their customers across Europe..

The organization has been responsible for maintaining a lot of equipment in a lot of locations over a long period of time. Some of the production sites are more than 30 years old. Over these years a lot of experience was gathered in preparing, planning and executing maintenance jobs on that equipment. But due to technological evolution, implementing new software, using different tools, the written reports on all these maintenance jobs are now scattered across the organization’s landscape (SAP, SharePoint, Shared Drives, mail). On top of that, the information is stored in different languages in IT systems in different countries.

As a consequence maintenance engineers were losing more and more time on looking for specific information like the historical background of a piece of equipment, technical documentation, e-mails, or even just administrative documents like contracts, etc. But time efficiency was not the only challenge. When maintenance engineers don’t have access to the complete history of an equipment, he/she may be missing important input to prepare the next maintenance job.

The organization’s Innovation Team therefore decided to look for a digital solution that could act like a Search Engine over multiple platforms and multiple types of historic content to find information more quickly. The objective of the exercise being to decrease the amount of time maintenance engineers spent on searching information and to increase the quality of maintenance preparation by making sure that all relevant information is available.

In the search for a better search solution, the organization got in touch with Alexandria.Works and decided to start a pilot project with us.

A subset of data was selected and made available to Alexandria.Works. This data set consisted of e-mails, maintenance reports and technical documentation of their equipment. Alexandria.Works indexed the data set and made it accessible to the maintenance organization’s team members to start using it in their daily work. The whole preparation took only a couple of mandays of work.

The benefits of having 1 place to search in different content sources was considerable: the maintenance engineers spent less time in searching and found more relevant answers quickly.

A Government Agency

Customer Case: building a member community

Member CommunityA government led member organization is creating 1 single platform to bring together the research outcomes of all member universities. This leads to a typical challenge for many member organizations: how can I make the rich content set that we have collected available to a large audience that is not necessarily familiar with the material? This is especially challenging when it is impossible to impose a structure on the content, be it by tagging it or by setting up a folder structure.

This member organization got to know Alexandria.Works and immediately understood the added value our search solution for their platform. As a consequence Alexandria.Works was invited to be part of the architecture of the platform end of the project team building that new platform. In this case Alexandria.Works is not be used as a “stand-alone” application with its own user interface, but is fully integrated in the user experience of the platform itself.

The project is still developing the platform to make it available to the member universities in 2021.

Another Government Agency

Customer Case: improving knowledge insights

Member CommunityThis government agency is responsible for assigning grants to start-ups, scale-ups, SMB organizations and incumbents for research and development projects. In the process of evaluation the requests they collect a large number of files with mostly unstructured information. But this wealth of information was hard to access. When the agency met with Alexandria.Works they understood the possibilities of Alexandria.Works to open up this source of knowledge and to start exploring the ideas and concepts that were hidden in the applications. These insights would allow them to report more accurately how the funds made available by the government were spent.

Because of the high confidentiality of the information, security is of paramount importance in this context. Therefore the application was implemented in such a way that the data remains in the cloud environment of the agency and that they can control the access to their data themselves.

In a first phase the department that is responsible for assigning grants for new development projects can exploring the rich content base that they have with Other departments may follow.

If you want to know more about the uniqueness of Alexandria.Works, read our page on Cognitive Search.