Cognitive Search, the buzzwords

Let us get straight to the point: to us this is what cognitive search should be about:

  • zero-effort,
  • language and domain agnostic
  • search & discovery in one.


Zero-effort Cognitive SearchComputers are smart enough to understand your texts and documents. Why should you intervene to help your Enterprise Search Engine to become smarter? That is why we have developed Alexandria.Works in such a way that you can start using it immediately. No code required. No upfront supervised learning. Pure self-service and automation delivering a higher performance.

Because Alexandria.Works offers 100% unsupervised self-learning information indexing and discovery you don’t have to spend any time and money on structuring information, or creating taxonomies and tagging your documents. Think of the savings that this will bring to you.


Language and domain agnostic

Language-agnosticYes there are specialized domain-specific search engines on the market. And they come with a price tag because it took a considerable investment to train them in a specific domain. And on top of that they are also limited to one language: English. Not mentionng the fact that they require permanent updating.

Alexandria.Works is different. First of all: we are language agnostic. English, French, German, Dutch: we determine automatically in which language a text is written, and index it accordingly.

We also extract all meaningfull combinations of words from text, without having to know the domain context. That makes us future-proof and ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Search & discovery in one

Knowledge discoveryAlexandria.Works goes beyond ‘finding information’. Cognitive Search delivers contextually aware information that is highly relevant to the user’s information quest. Alexandria.Works looks at texts as a network as a meaningfull network of documents and topical facets. Using these patterns we understand the user’s intent and help him or her to discover content related to his/her quest.




If you want to understand the benefits this brings to our customers: do read the Customer Cases.

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