3 search contexts you were not aware of

What is Contextual Searching?

The practice of running a search that is not naive or blind and has an approach based on search context is termed contextual searching.

Why is contextual search important?

Imagine searching for a book whose title starts with ‘R’ in an unsorted rack of books. You start from the first book and rummage through the whole pile! You would be lucky if the book were closer to your starting point, but if it were the last book, you just looked through a huge pile and wasted precious time. Now, if the rack is sorted alphabetically, you automatically wouldn’t have to search through the first half of the alphabet(‘A’ through ‘M’)– which saves you half the time in one step! With further alphabetical sorting and labeling, you search through only the pile labeled ‘R,’ thus saving you loads of valuable time. Here, the search context is finding a particular book. But what if you want to research a given topic like e.g. ‘search context’? Searching through the book covers is not going to be very helpful. In this case you will have to look inside the books. Doing Research is another search context. What you therefore need is a search engine that deals with different search contexts.
Contextual searching:

  • Saves you time
  • Returns concrete and relevant results
  • Eliminates redundant searches depending upon the web content
  • Returns relevant results “accidentally” that you didn’t know you were looking for!

Why use Alexandria.Works?

A usual approach is time-consuming, tedious, and quite frankly boring! We at Alexandria.Works, use an unconventional approach and introduce a relevance-based angle to meet your requirements. The “old-school” system of searching treats information as a bag of content you dig through aimlessly to find something relevant. Alexandria.Works treats data as a network that you tap into, and anything and everything relevant will be returned to you. Our ‘Augmented Intelligence’ approach combines the control of Artificial Intelligence and the freedom of Human Intelligence. This helps us to outgrow the cognitive limitations and give you curated content based on your search context.

The search contexts we boast of :


The most basic approach to quench inquisitiveness is the age-old practice using Questions and Answers. Let us say you have a particular question related to a topic. If you go for traditional web-based search options, this will most definitely cost you an unreasonable amount of time that you may not be able to afford! Moreover, after all that time spent, in all probability, you might not receive the information you were specifically looking for in the first place! This leads to a lack of precision.

We, at Alexandria.Works, make this experience much less tedious and mundane for you. Run a search based on a question, and we’ll provide you with the most relevant and concise answer possible. Want to know if you can fly your drone above a certain state? We’ll run the searches and answer you with the official rule. What we aim at in this context is precision.


Isn’t it frustrating when you’re in the middle of a debate with your peers and you’re sure that your hypothesis is correct… But you JUST CAN’T locate the relevant articles and documents in your organization’s Document Management System to bring your point home? How about the situation when this debate is with a person in a position of authority, and this search result makes or breaks the professional impression that the said person has of you?

Alexandria.Works saves you the trouble. And a whole lot of time. You can rely on us because we will provide you with the COMPLETE relevant information you will require to rest your case. But never your stance! Completeness is our top priority here.


Throughout history, one of the most important aspects of civilization has been treading uncharted territory. Exploration. RESEARCH! As a researcher, a person starts at one point and treads randomly. Looking for bits and pieces of relevant information that can be used as stepping stones for further exploration. Looking for new relations, new knowledge links. Most of it is accidental—we at Alexandria.Works, use our Augmented Intelligence fuelled search solutions to bring you relevant information that you didn’t know you were looking for! Call it accidental. Or call it serendipity. Your choice!

Rest assured, there is nothing “accidental” about our methods! We promise new and unexpected yet relevant information that is carefully curated based on your requirements.

Last Word

At Alexandria.Works, we strive towards revolutionizing document and text search in businesses through our unconventional search contexts. We request you, the reader, to believe in us so that we can work towards making all document content in your organization a more relevant and less scary, and a lesser tedious place for you!

Does all of this seem too good to be true? Request a demo and see for yourself!

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Request a demo

Schedule a custom demo. We will show you a customized version of the application, fitted to your specific needs, at your convenience.

Or, download our White Paper.

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