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Here are a number of contexts in which Alexandria.Works is particularly successful.

Knowledge Management

Harvest available knowledge now. No preparation required. No tagging. No content creation. What you need is already there. Start exploring what you have.

Law Firms & Legal Services

​Meet your Digital Professional Support Lawyer. Give better advice based on full and correct information. Spend less time on finding all relevant input. Spend more time with your clients..

Maintenance Management

Avoid brain drain in your maintenance department. Keep on using the knowledge of maintenance engineers who are retiring or leaving the organization for other reasons. Get better access to your maintenance reports.

Customer Service

Give better answers to your customers. Resolve questions faster. Decrease the number of calls to your experts in second line. Give Customers direct access to your Knowledge Base and lower your Customer Service cost.

Member Organizations

Share your Knowledge Base with your members. Make research reports, policy documents, guidelines and other documents available and searchable in natural language to your members.

Research & Development

Doing research requires method, discipline and … a bit of luck. Use Alexandria.Works in your exploration phase to find unexpected results and come up with original answers. Because accidental findings are invaluable for every researcher.

For your business

Increase your search efficiency. Decrease your frustrations.

No upfront investment – start immediately

All you have to do is point us to your documents and Alexandria.Works will read and analyze them to make them searchable in natural language. Using Artificial Intelligence, we find all relevant meaningfull word sequences in your content and index them. Then you can ask your question, and Alexandria.Works will find the answer. That’s how easy it is to get started.

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We use Artificial Intelligence to find more information in your documents

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